April 5, 2024

VandyWorks migration, renaming and downtime begins on April 12

Since 2006, VandyWorks has been the scheduling system utilized by nursing and many non-nursing departments across all entities at VUMC. The system allows for autonomy and transparency over scheduling, including self-scheduling, time off planning, shift trading and more. 

VandyWorks will be renamed Infor Workforce Management (WFM). The new web address will be https://WFM.app.vumc.org and Clinical Workstation desktop icons will be updated with the new link during the migration. Users will access the system via Single Sign-On, which will require Multi-Factor Authentication if not connected to VUMC WiFi or the VPN. There are few functional changes in the cloud environment, and VandyWorks users have been enrolled in the training curriculum, VandyWorks Workforce Management Cloud Migration 2024, in the Learning Exchange. 

The migration to the cloud will require a downtime of the VandyWorks system. Employee schedules will be provided to each department for reference during the downtime. 

The planned downtime has been extended to ensure all technical migration tasks are completed successfully and accurately. The system will be in downtime from 8 a.m. Friday, April 12, to approximately 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 14.

In preparation for downtime, employees should plan ahead to be sure they know their schedule for the weekend of Friday, April 12. 

Leader preparation for downtime: 

  • Set up the June 2-July 13 self-scheduling process ahead of the migration 
  • Pre-populate July 4 holiday shifts 
  • Print Assignment Sheets for each shift April 12-15 for downtime reference 
  • Print a Team Contact List report (My Reports > Schedule and Staffing Reports > Team Contact List) 
  • Print DRAFT Printed Coverage Schedule for 3/10-4/20/24 and 4/21-6/1/24 scheduling periods 

During the downtime: 

  • Leaders should keep track of changes to the schedule (call outs, bringing in the on call, floating) and update them in the system after the downtime is complete 
  • Follow downtime procedures for communicating with your entity’s Clinical Staffing Schedulers, Administrative Coordinator, or House Supervisor regarding float pool needs. 

For questions about the VandyWorks Workforce Management cloud migration, please email the VandyWorks/Infor Workforce Management team at WFM@vumc.org