May 9, 2024

Active shooter simulation training available for all VUMC employees

Active shooter simulation training for VUMC employees is conducted twice monthly at the CELA (Center for Experiential Learning and Assessment) Lab in Light Hall.

The collaborative training is facilitated by VUPD, Emergency Operations, and CELA staff actors for an interactive and active participation drill. It also combines classroom learning and video review of training and experience.

“This training is open to all employees at VUMC,” said Devin Bunch, MMHC, RN, director of Emergency Operations for VUMC.

To enroll in this training, please click this link to register via Learning Exchange: Active Shooter Training – CELA Lab

In addition to the training at CELA, Emergency Operations also have other options for employees or departments to ensure preparedness in their areas, including:

  • Active Shooter Presentations at departmental meetings to educate employees and increase awareness.
  • Physical Security walkthroughs with VUPD and Emergency Operations team to review physical space specific to the unique area.
  • Reviewing departmental subplans to ensure readiness for various situations requiring emergency response.

Hundreds of VUMC employees, both clinical and non-clinical areas, have participated in the CELA training since the beginning of 2023, and remote training has also been held at Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital and Vanderbilt-Tullahoma Harton Hospital. In addition, there have been panel discussions to educate further and provide context to participants.

For any questions or to schedule additional training presentations or Physical Security walkthroughs, department leaders can email: