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Author: Craig Boerner

Renovated Urology clinic in TVC features expanded services

Feb. 21, 2024—Vanderbilt Urology’s newly renovated TVC clinic features a slightly larger and much more efficient space, nitrous oxide in the procedure rooms, a new high definition C-Arm X-ray machine and a urodynamics unit, thereby expanding the range of procedures that can be performed in clinic without having to go to the operating room.

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Chang elected American Board of Urology trustee

Feb. 15, 2024—Vanderbilt's Sam S. Chang, MD, has been elected trustee of the American Board of Urology, with a six-year term beginning March 21.

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VUMC Ad featuring Tim McGraw to air during big game this Sunday

Feb. 6, 2024—A familiar voice will be speaking in an advertisement created by Vanderbilt University Medical Center that is scheduled to run this Sunday during the big game in two 30-second spots

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Global health efforts in urology still a major focus for Joseph Smith Jr., MD

Jan. 29, 2024—Joseph Smith Jr., MD, recent decision to step back from clinical practice is allowing him to focus entirely on global surgery efforts departmentally with faculty, fellows and residents to provide opportunities he believes are a key part of infusing humanitarian intent into their training.

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Long-term follow-up pinpoints side effects of treatments for prostate cancer patients

Jan. 24, 2024—A 10-year follow up study of nearly 2,500 U.S. men who received prostate cancer treatment will help inform decision making in terms of treatments and side effects for a diverse population.

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Bird flu vaccine more effective with potent adjuvant

Jan. 17, 2024—The avian (bird) influenza vaccine creates a more robust immune response when paired with a potent ingredient known as an adjuvant, according to Vanderbilt research published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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Amy Luckenbaugh elected inaugural chair for Society of Women in Urologic Oncology

Dec. 18, 2023—The Society of Women in Urologic Oncology (WUO) has named Vanderbilt's Amy Luckenbaugh, MD, to chair its Executive Board until Nov. 2025.

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VUMC seeks public input on blood-clotting agent study

Oct. 24, 2023—Researchers at Vanderbilt are considering participation in an international study to examine if a blood-clotting medication given to adults with major bleeding or in need of urgent surgery or an invasive procedure can improve survival.

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ICU antibiotics may be safe for kidneys

Oct. 16, 2023—A Vanderbilt study found that two antibiotics thought to cause kidney failure in ICU patients with a severe bacterial infection, especially when combined with another antibiotic, may be safer for the kidneys than previously reported.

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Kidney disease gene also has a protective mutation

Oct. 5, 2023—African Americans have long been known to be at increased risk of kidney disease due to a dangerous genetic mutation that creates a hole in the kidney cells, but Vanderbilt researchers have now discovered a protective genetic mutation that covers the hole to eliminate the risk.

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Effective medications for opioid use disorder rarely used

Aug. 7, 2023—Vanderbilt research shows that most individuals diagnosed with opioid use disorder are not on recommended medications and even fewer remain in care.

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World-first clinical trial to help millions with penicillin allergies

Jul. 17, 2023—Many low-risk patients with a penicillin allergy were able to have their penicillin allergy label removed through a simple procedure known as “direct oral challenge” as part of a world-first multicenter randomized control trial known as the Penicillin Allergy Clinical Decision Rule (PALACE) study.

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