A brain surgeon’s best friend

Neurosurgeon Lola Chambless loves the simplicity and functionality of the surgical dissector called a Penfield #1

What is the purpose of that weird cube in the middle of the Plaza?

Futuristic design element? Outdoor feng shui in action? Navigational beacon for LifeFlight? The truth is more basic.

VUMC choir member Shae Etter approaches life with a song

She sings at weddings, retirement celebrations, church functions, funerals — and now with the United Voices of Vanderbilt choir

Teenage daughter sparks interest in rock-climbing for Vanderbilt’s Dario and Nunzia Giuse

The passion for climbing has now affected all three members of the Giuse family

VUMC choir brings holiday cheer to Medical Center

Debut performance of United Voices of Vanderbilt brings smiles to faces of patients, families and employees.

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