Aspirin and allergies

Drugs such as aspirin and indomethacin may increase sensitivity to airborne allergens by suppressing production of the signaling molecule PGI2, which in turn may offer a new treatment for allergies.

Vanderbilt allergist offers tips to deal with changeable winter weather

Five tips to help you — and your nose — survive crazy weather changes.

Vanderbilt physician says ugly plants worse for allergy patients

As allergy season rolls in for Middle Tennessee residents, a largely unknown adage rings true: the uglier a flower or weed, the more allergy-inducing its pollen tends to be.

Itchy, runny nose may be an allergy – or the weather

As winter continues to take most of the country on a temperature roller coaster ride, many find themselves reaching for pain relievers or other remedies to deal with runny noses and symptoms associated with sinus and allergy problems.

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