Andrea Hughie

Honoring Dr. King’s Communal Legacy

A special celebration was held in Light Hall last week to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hosted by Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion in collaboration with VUMC Employee Resource Groups, “Celebrating Beloved Community” focused on Dr. King’s communal legacy, his vision of beloved community, and the ways we continue to embody that legacy in the work we do here at Vanderbilt.

Kathie Krause’s decades of commitment to infants, children and families honored with lifetime DAISY Award

Krause stepped off the elevator on the 8th floor of Monroe Carell and was greeted by about 40 nurses in a surprise ceremony. “They totally got me on this one,” she said.

Nursing Staff Bylaws Convention outlines latest, best practices

More than 170 nurses from across Vanderbilt University Medical Center gathered over Zoom for the biennial Nursing Staff Bylaws Convention, the first to be held virtually.