Andrew Link

Looking through MudPIT for protein interactions

The identification of novel protein interactions and sites of modification in proteins involved in mRNA translation adds to understanding of a process that is an important therapeutic target.

Framework for studying cell responses

Vanderbilt investigators have developed a framework for studying cellular responses that could be used to identify the agents driving a range of biological processes in health and disease.

Vaccine researchers ready as new flu strain evolves

A worrisome new avian influenza virus, called H7N9, emerged this spring in Eastern China.

Study lays groundwork for rational T cell vaccine design

Vanderbilt University investigators have developed a new strategy for identifying the “bits” of a pathogen that spark a protective immune response.

Taking the ‘noise’ out of protein data

Vanderbilt researchers have developed a novel algorithm to improve results from proteomic studies.

Starting up protein synthesis, in yeast

Researchers have found an unusual interaction between a factor that “turns on” protein synthesis and one that produces fatty acids.