back pain

Study connects patients who visit the ED with acute flare-ups of chronic back pain with remote integrative health coaching program

Vanderbilt will pilot an eight-session remote integrative health coaching program for patients who visit the emergency department with acute flare-ups of chronic low back pain.

Clinical trial compares different therapies for spine pain

A Vanderbilt clinical trial to determine whether multidisciplinary biopsychosocial intervention or individualized postural therapy intervention improved disability and reduced health care spending in patients with acute or subacute spine pain.

Study finds aerobic exercise spurs endorphins, relieves low back pain

Six weeks of aerobic exercise can lead to sustained increases in endogenous opioid function and significant relief for chronic low back pain, according to a randomized controlled trial by Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Stephen Bruehl, PhD, and colleagues, reported in Pain.

Kristin Archer, PhD, DPT, directs the new Center for Musculoskeletal Research.

More recovery, less disability focus of new musculoskeletal research center

A new research center is aimed at improving patient outcomes and preventing disability after muscle and skeletal injuries and surgery.

Protocol shortens hospital stays for back surgery patients

Patients undergoing lower back surgeries had shorter hospital stays and fewer complications after a team at the Vanderbilt Spine Institute identified best practices for perioperative care and implemented them under a standardized protocol.

Osher Center offers multiple back pain treatment options

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt offers most of the treatments in the new guidelines for back pain recently recommended by the American College of Physicians, but misconceptions about those treatments remain a barrier to care.