clinical trial

How to get the biggest “bang” for the research “buck”

Vanderbilt researchers are developing new methods to maximize what can be learned from clinical trials and cohort studies, while maintaining their rigor and reproducibility.

Trial combines novel therapies for head and neck cancer

Vanderbilt is launching a clinical trial that pairs an experimental vaccine with an established immunotherapy for recurrent, human papilloma virus (HPV)-related oropharyngeal cancer of the head and neck.

Trial seeks to expand therapies for biliary cancers

A Vanderbilt clinical trial seeks to optimize the effect of immunotherapies for patients with biliary tract cancers who have already progressed on first-line therapy.

Wesley Self, MD, MPH

Study of two sepsis interventions finds identical outcomes

Vanderbilt University Medical Center had a leading role in a large national study designed to compare two early interventions in the treatment of patients with sepsis, the body’s severe response to an uncontrolled infection.

Study to explore COVID’s impact on essential workers

Vanderbilt researchers are inviting non-health care essential workers to participate in a study to better understand how they continue to be impacted by COVID-19.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center seeks adults 18-30 to study effects of noise on brain activity

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is seeking adult participants (ages 18 to 30) for a research study investigating the effects of different noise conditions on brain activity during the Attentional Network Task.

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