continuing medical education

Following the clues through time: Old mummies, old bones and old teeth lead to new insight into disease for Katherine Van Schaik

Radiology fellow moves from present-day patients to historical artifacts to understand health and illness

Kathleen Gallagher is a surgical resident and former combat medic. She traveled to Ukraine to help train emergency response teams.

“With my background in combat medicine, it felt like there was something I could actually do to help.”

Sister surgeons share a winding road that led to VUMC

From Canada to Florida to VUMC, the “Gillaspie Girls” are building careers after “falling in love with surgery.”

Moore receives continuing medical education service award

Vanderbilt’s Don Moore, PhD, has received the Distinguished Service in Continuing Medical Education Award from the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education.

The mystery of “Little Jim”

Who is the serious little boy in the 1932 picture, and why is he dressed like a miniature doctor?

Harold Jordan, VUMC’s first Black resident, arrived on campus 56 years ago. He looks back on a very different time at the Medical Center.

The pioneering physician recalls the summer of 1964, the support of his colleagues and the challenges he faced

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