“Dr. Boehm, I believe you are my biological father.” A new son, a new daughter, and the letter that brought more love into a family.

Frank Boehm was settling into retirement when things changed: “I once had three children and nine grandchildren. Now, I have five children and 11 grandchildren.”

On a whim, Kaylon Bruner-Tran checked her family’s DNA. It led to family she didn’t know she had and a mother-son reunion after 50 years.

“Cultures can be very different, nothing is more powerful than family.”

Tears of joy, tears of sorrow — College sweethearts, a COVID unit wedding, and a love story that ended too soon

The inside story of how VUMC’s COVID unit staff pulled together to arrange a wedding, and a reminder that not every love story has a happy ending

My daughter was born in the middle of the pandemic. She is going to get very tired of hearing that story when she’s older.

I can already picture Natalie rolling her eyes when she’s 16.

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Insulin in vials

Family members can often sabotage diabetes care: study

Nonsupportive family members contribute to poor adherence to medication regimens and lower glycemic control in adults with diabetes.