James Crowe, Jr., MD, left, and Naveenchandra Suryadevara, PhD, have discovered a monoclonal antibody with therapeutic potential that neutralizes both RSV and hMPV. (photo by Anthony Czelusniak)

Researchers discover antibody that neutralizes both RSV and hMPV

Vanderbilt and Stanford University researchers discovered a potent, cross-neutralizing human monoclonal antibody against the respiratory syncytial virus and human metapneumovirus.

Natural killer cells don’t clear HMPV

Understanding how the immune system responds to the respiratory virus HMPV is crucial for developing vaccines and anti-viral treatments.

Cell entry ports for cold virus

The respiratory virus HMPV uses its fusion (F) protein – which interacts with cellular receptors called integrins – to bind to and enter target cells.


New therapeutic target for cold, flu viruses identified

Viruses that cause acute respiratory infections — such as human metapneumovirus (HMPV) and flu — impair a set of immune system cells that should clear the virus from the lungs.
Now, Vanderbilt University investigators have discovered the signaling pathway that disables these immune cells.


Researchers spot Achilles’ heel in respiratory virus

A new viral protein structure could jump-start vaccine development for two leading causes of lower respiratory disease in children and elderly adults.