Joseph Neimat

Neimat: Emotional disturbance is an overlooked symptom of Parkinson’s

Despite benefiting from dramatic improvements in movement after deep brain stimulation surgery, patients with Parkinson’s disease can be inadequately served when physicians and researchers focus only on its motor manifestations, says a Vanderbilt neurosurgeon.

Laser technology offers new option to treat epilepsy

Vanderbilt University Medical Center recently debuted a new minimally invasive surgical treatment for epilepsy.

Robotic device attache to dummy patient

Brain surgery through the cheek

Vanderbilt engineers have developed a surgical robot designed to perform brain surgery by entering through the cheek instead of the skull.

brain and lightning

Brain stimulator helps ease epilepsy patients’ seizures

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center epilepsy team has implanted four patients with a device that heralds a new frontier for controlling epileptic seizures.

Surgery calms patient’s epilepsy-related seizures

In June, Tommy Schroader was in the crystal blue waters off Grand Cayman Island petting a giant stingray.