The Wild Kingdom guy thought it would be a good idea to bring a python into the hospital. He was right.

It’s cold-blooded, check it and see

Polio patients, iron lung respirators, and…hey, is that Pat Boone??!!

Polio was a terrifying disease, once filling wards at VUMC with paralyzed patients in iron lungs. Vaccines have saved us from all that.

VUMC surgical tech cheers on daughter Grace West on NBC’s “The Voice”

Daryl Rembinski’s family moved to Nashville from Detroit to support Grace’s singing career

Suzie Brown, singer-songwriter, meet Dr. Suzanne Brown Sacks, transplant cardiologist

Her twin passions for music and for medicine brought her to Nashville and to VUMC

VUMC’s Aspirnaut program celebrates 15th anniversary, and NBC News returned to highlight its students

A link to the video story and an inside look at the taping and some of this year’s participants

Collection of “Star Wars” Legos makes sure the force stays with child psychiatrist Yasas Tanguturi

Why are they at his office? “One, I ran out of space, and two, my wife doesn’t want them at home.”

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