physical therapy

A fierce patient advocate, physical therapist Sarah Moran is a champion for children with disabilities

“Sarah is truly the unsung hero. It is because of her diligence, leadership, communication and dedication that hundreds of children in Tennessee and their families had memorable experiences this summer at triathlons and camps.”

Generations of orthopedic patients and practitioners hold a special place for Sandy Shelton

She has been “Happy to be here” for more than 40 years, and, as she nears retirement, is hailed as a legend in Orthopaedics.

Treating delirium detected in the ED

Higher intensity physical or occupational therapy may be a useful intervention to shorten delirium duration in older hospitalized adults, Vanderbilt researchers recently reported.

The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program gave physical therapist Amy Larkin the skills she needs to better help patients like Jim Hopkins.

Coaching program takes new approach to physical therapy

The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program allows health care professional to take additional training in the science of supporting patients to change behavior.

Jennifer Emery is used to celebrating patients’ successes in physical therapy. This time, she’s the one being celebrated as a Credo Award winner.

“It’s such an honor. You work hard every single day and live by the Credo behaviors — to be recognized for that feels really good.”

Hospital staff conspires to help transplant patient plan a surprise proposal – to his wife

Love was in the air on the seventh floor of Medical Center East

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