Reporter April 12 2013

‘Longevity’ gene aids kidney survival

A gene associated with cell survival and longevity may protect the kidney from acute injury.

A role for blood vessels in delirium?

Dysfunction of the endothelial cells that line blood vessels may contribute to delirium and coma in critically ill patients – and could be a target for therapy.

Lung damage protector

Targeting repair pathways in the lung’s air sacs may be a valuable therapeutic direction for pulmonary fibrosis – the scarring of lung tissue.

National shortage forces hiatus in routine TB testing

Due to an unprecedented national shortage of the tuberculosis (TB) skin testing solution Tubersol, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has temporarily paused routine skin testing of health care workers.

New online system helps researchers share information

A new Web-based scientific information management system called “Labnodes” is helping Vanderbilt University investigators collaborate and get more bang for their research bucks.

Photo: Second Look

During last week’s Second Visit Weekend, prospective School of Medicine student Isabella Bellon works with Dennis McWeeney, D.O., to ‘deliver a baby’ at the Center for Experiential Learning and Assessment.

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