Reporter April 26 2013

New computer speeds clinical data collection

Tucked in a data center in the basement of Vanderbilt University Hospital, a new computer the size of a large armoire, called a data warehouse appliance, is delivering a new order of speed to Vanderbilt clinical scientists as they search, filter, analyze and annotate the de-identified medical records of approximately 2 million patients.

Interdisciplinary health course boosts global experience

A recent addition to interdisciplinary electives illustrates how Vanderbilt educators are working to bring future health care providers together to prepare for work in an increasingly global and multicultural world.

Heart illustration

Study takes ‘cool’ approach to reducing heart attack damage

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute is participating in a clinical study to further evaluate the safety and feasibility of rapidly lowering the body’s temperature to significantly reduce the amount of damage caused by a heart attack.

Shade Tree Trot

Last Saturday’s Shade Tree Trot drew more than 700 runners and walkers to the Vanderbilt campus.

Food variety drives overeating in mouse model of obesity syndrome

Dietary variety – not high-fat or sugary foods – appears to stimulate overeating in a mouse model of an inherited obesity syndrome.

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