Reporter January 2024

Artificial intelligence advances work in VUMC’s clinical and research settings

Vanderbilt University Medical Center physicians and researchers are applying artificial intelligence in innovative ways to advance clinical care and scientific understanding of these cutting-edge tools.

The Alliance for Genomic Discovery welcomes Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK and Novo Nordisk

Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK and Novo Nordisk are the newest members of the Alliance for Genomic Discovery.

Study shows liraglutide results in increased insulin sensitivity independent of weight loss

Study finds significant increased risk of future health issues for youth who suffer nonfatal firearm injuries

A Vanderbilt study found that youth who suffer nonfatal firearm injuries have a significantly increased risk of hospitalizations, emergency department visits, outpatient visits and costs in the 12 months following injury compared to youth without a firearm injury.

Potential AML therapy induces leukemic stem cell death

Vanderbilt researchers are studying a potential therapy for acute myeloid leukemia that targets the residual leukemic stem cells in bone marrow after treatment that are responsible for relapses and drug resistance.

C.J. Stimson named Executive Vice President for Population Health

C.J. Stimson, MD, JD, assistant professor of Urology and Senior Vice President of Value Transformation in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Office of Population Health, has been named Executive Vice President for Population Health.

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