Reporter May 23 2014

Exploring Wilms tumor race disparity

Unique molecular “fingerprints” could explain the disparity in Wilms tumor incidence and point to novel, race-specific therapeutic targets.

Respiratory virus vaccine candidate

Virus-like particles containing a protein from human metapneumovirus are a promising vaccine candidate for this respiratory virus.

Repair protein’s DNA recognition motif

Insights into the workings of DNA damage response proteins such as SMARCAL1 could suggest new ways to improve genome integrity and prevent cancer.

Zic to pass baton on leadership of VUSM Admissions

Over the past eight years as Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s associate dean for Admissions, John Zic, M.D., estimates he’s made about 2,000 phone calls to let prospective medical students know they’ve been admitted. Personally delivering the good news has been one of his favorite aspects of the time-consuming job.

Personalized care, gene testing highlighted at VICC retreat

Using enhanced gene mutation testing to provide precision therapy for cancer patients was one of the themes at the annual Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) scientific retreat, held May 15 at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center.

thoughtful woman

Urologic cancer studies point to need for referral education

Women with blood in their urine (hematuria) were less than half as likely as men with the same issue to be referred to a urologist for further tests, according to a new VUMC study.

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