sleep disorders

Beth Malow receives grant to mount sleep program for children with autism

Vanderbilt neurologist Beth Malow, MD, has received a grant from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to mount a community-based educational program for improving sleep in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Autism and sleep problems

Vanderbilt researchers developed a framework for using de-identified medical records to characterize sleep in people on the autism spectrum — a framework that should also be useful for studying other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Many options available to treat wide range of sleep disorders

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder in which people experience repetitive obstructions of their breathing multiple times per night. It is a common condition, and has been associated with many health problems including daytime tiredness, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, said David Kent, M.D., assistant professor of Otolaryngology.


Take a walk in the sun to ease time change woes, says Vanderbilt sleep expert

Sticking to normal sleep schedule can ease daylight saving time transition


Vanderbilt sleep experts offer tips to manage end of Daylight Saving Time

A Vanderbilt University Medical Center sleep specialist confirms what a lot of us already know—”falling back” can still cause a groggy and unsettled feeling come Monday morning, even if we do manage to get that extra hour of sleep.