Thomas Talbot

American Airlines boosts travelers’ peace of mind with VUMC expertise

American Airlines has created a new Travel Health Advisory Panel that includes Vanderbilt University Medical Center infectious disease experts to advise on health and cleaning matters as travelers return over the summer.

The modified room where ultraviolet (UV) light is used to sanitize used N95 respirators is capable of cleaning about 60 masks at a time.

VUMC groups unite to sanitize N95 masks with ultraviolet light

A group of physicians, nurses and representatives from multiple areas throughout VUMC came up with a process in less than a week to safely and effectively sanitize used N95 respirators.

Records point to drug-drug interaction

Patients who take a cholesterol-lowering statin drug while taking the antibiotic daptomycin have increased risk of developing muscle weakness or a more severe form of muscle damage.

A bundle, a dashboard and lasting pneumonia reduction

A “bundle” of electronically implemented care guidelines reduced intensive care unit patient complications related to mechanical ventilation.

Flu vaccination plan revised for all VUMC personnel

In an effort to protect both employees and patients at Vanderbilt University Medical Center from potential harm, the Medical Center is revising its influenza vaccination plan and mandating the influenza vaccine for all VUMC employees.

Ebola virus under microscope.

Vanderbilt continues Ebola virus preparations