Vanderbilt Coordinating Center

From left, Sean Collins, MD, MSc, Wesley Self, MD, MPH, Jessica Collins, program director, Vanderbilt Coordinating Center, and Matt Shotwell, PhD, play key roles in a now-international clinical trial platform that is investigating therapies aimed at reducing complications in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

VUMC-led COVID-19 clinical trial platform goes international

The ACTIV-4 Host Tissue clinical trial platform, which is designed to investigate therapies targeting the host tissue response to COVID-19 to mitigate lung injury, is now being expanded internationally.

Collins takes on new VCC, IMPH leadership roles

Sean Collins, MD, MSci, professor of Emergency Medicine, has taken on new leadership roles in the Vanderbilt Coordinating Center (VCC) and the Vanderbilt Institute for Medicine and Public Health (IMPH).