The most popular VUMC Voice stories of 2021

Love stories, an honor walk, a heroic rescue — and plumbing

Tears of joy, tears of sorrow — College sweethearts, a COVID unit wedding, and a love story that ended too soon

The inside story of how VUMC’s COVID unit staff pulled together to arrange a wedding, and a reminder that not every love story has a happy ending

Love in the time of COVID: two VUMC research nurses’ pandemic wedding

Guests got a gift bag including toilet paper and a mask. “It was different but we still had fun.”

They were married during the pandemic. They directed their wedding gifts to feed health care workers.

Heather and Lewis Burwell’s wedding didn’t turn out like they planned. But they found a way to share their celebration with the community.

Madalyn Durbin’s dad just had a double lung transplant; surely there was no way he could make it to her wedding.

Never underestimate a father’s determination to be there for his daughter. As Madalyn started down the aisle, Terry stepped out and took her hand.

Bill and Genie met at VUMC in 1983. The proposal was at Kroger. A wedding ring fell over a cliff. They are still in love.

“She was really sweet and 34 years later, she’s still just as sweet,” Bill says. “It was meant to be,” Genie adds.