November 13, 2009

Annual VICC bash heads for the beach

Annual VICC bash heads for the beach

Participants in the annual T.J. Martell Foundation winter fundraiser for cancer research can shed their ski parkas and don bathing suits this December, as the nonprofit foundation will host “Country on the Beach” instead of the long-running “Country in the Rockies,” this year.

Columbia recording duo Montgomery Gentry will host the annual event, Dec. 3-6, at the Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico.

This year's event will feature musical performances by country music stars and songwriters, celebrity auctions, receptions, volleyball, celebrity bartending, karaoke, poolside/oceanside clambake, snorkeling and a

The T.J. Martell Foundation funds innovative medical research for leukemia, cancer and AIDS. The Foundation supports the Frances Williams Preston Laboratories at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

Preston is the national president of the T.J. Martell Foundation, former president and CEO of Nashville-based BMI and a member of the Board of Overseers at VICC.

The Preston Laboratories are led by Harold L. (Hal) Moses, M.D., director-emeritus of VICC.

Moses and his team of cancer investigators focus on the study of proteins involved in the cancer process.

Identification of these proteins or “molecular fingerprints” enables researchers to more effectively tailor therapy to individual patients.

To reserve a spot at “Country on the Beach,” visit