Employee Spotlight

“Dr. Boehm, I believe you are my biological father.” A new son, a new daughter, and the letter that brought more love into a family.

Frank Boehm was settling into retirement when things changed: “I once had three children and nine grandchildren. Now, I have five children and 11 grandchildren.”

Sister surgeons share a winding road that led to VUMC

From Canada to Florida to VUMC, the “Gillaspie Girls” are building careers after “falling in love with surgery.”

Pies in the face mark the end of the first round of blood donation challenge. Your donation may determine who gets the next pie.

Shon Dwyer smooshed a pie into the face of Tom Nantais. Mary Pawlikowski smooshed a pie into the face of Meg Rush. Who’s next?

Collection of “Star Wars” Legos makes sure the force stays with child psychiatrist Yasas Tanguturi

Why are they at his office? “One, I ran out of space, and two, my wife doesn’t want them at home.”

Music therapy comes to Palliative Care Unit

“Music opens many new perspectives and pathways that patients otherwise would not have.”

Even on a Zoom call, Christi Gray’s friend Erica Luhrs could tell she was sick. After life-saving treatment, Gray returned to SICU to thank the people who cared for her.

A week in intensive care later, Gray is back at work and doing well. Her message: Listen to your body and practice self-care.

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