Dandan Liu

Illustration of clinicians and biostatisticians working collaboratively on research

Unsung Zeros: How biostatistics advances personalized health in the era of smart data

VUMC is acrawl with statistical design, bias detection and analysis that’s recognized with $532 million in federal and nonfederal research support.

Dandan Liu to lead the Association of Clinical and Translational Statisticians

Vanderbilt’s Dandan Liu, PhD, has been elected president of the Association of Clinical and Translational Statisticians.

Sex & race & door-to-ECG time

More than a third of patients presenting at the emergency department with a suspected heart attack have a “delayed” ECG measure of heart function, with Black patients, females and non-English speakers more likely to experience delays.

From left, Dandan Liu, PhD, Alan Storrow, MD, and Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, are testing the real-world implementation of a risk stratification tool to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions of patients diagnosed with acute heart failure in the emergency department.

VUMC team puts tool to reduce heart failure admissions to test

Vanderbilt researchers have developed a risk stratification tool to predict outcomes and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions after emergency department visits for acute heart failure.