Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (journal)

David Cortez, PhD, left, Petria Thompson, Katherine Amidon, Brandt Eichman, PhD, and colleagues are studying how a DNA repair pathway protein shields sites of damage to avoid mutations.

Team’s study reveals details of new DNA repair pathway

Investigators have discovered how a DNA repair pathway protein shields sites of damage to avoid mutations and maintain genome integrity.

water drops splashing against solid surface

Membrane fats impact drug transporter

New studies of a membrane transporter could explain antibiotic resistance – and lead to novel ways to combat it.

New view of neurotransmitter transport

Dynamic measurements of the bacterial leucine transporter shed light on the transporters that play roles in neuropsychiatric and addiction disorders.


VU researchers report G protein advancement that could lead to more effective drugs

Thanks in part to a computer program named “Rosetta,” Vanderbilt University researchers are closer to understanding how the ubiquitous G protein is activated – a discovery that could lead to the design of more specific and effective drugs.


Researchers spot Achilles’ heel in respiratory virus

A new viral protein structure could jump-start vaccine development for two leading causes of lower respiratory disease in children and elderly adults.