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Video: “Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity and the Exploration of the Red Planet”

Apr. 22, 2008, 12:24 PM

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Evening discussion at Dyer Observatory (Windows) or (Real Player).

Steve Squyres, lead scientist of the Mars Exploration Mission, talks about his passion for the red planet and the amazing journey to build and launch the Rovers. As principal investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover Project, one of NASA‘s most successful programs, Squyres is responsible for all of the scientific activities of the twin robots Opportunity and Spirit.

Squyres, a professor of astronomy at Cornell University, discusses the possibility of water on Mars and the study of its geology, what it’s like to live on “Mars time” and the ups and downs of the project; most recently, the nationally announced budget cuts that were changed a day later.

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Contact: Nancy Dwyer

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