April 8, 2009

Video: Galileo night at Dyer Observatory

Watch video of an April 4 talk by Professor of Astronomy David Weintraub, part of “100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project.”

Galileo looked through a telescope for the first time 400 years ago. The goal of the global “100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project” was to have as many people as possible look through a telescope as Galileo did from April 2 to 5. Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory participated in the project by offering people a chance to view the stars on Saturday, April 4.

Before viewing the stars, David Weintraub, professor of astronomy, hosted Adult Exploration Night. Weintraub led a discussion about Galileo at the observatory.

For more information about “100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project,” visit http://www.100hoursofastronomy.org/.

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