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Vanderbilt Health OnCall now accepting insurance

May. 2, 2017, 12:12 PM

OnCall screenshotVanderbilt Health OnCall (VHOC), the service that brings a house call from a dedicated team of Vanderbilt nurse practitioners to the home, workplace or hotel, now accepts Aetna Vanderbilt insurance plans as well as other major payer/insurer plans.

The service was launched in November, with self-pay visits at $99 per visit, and lab tests, first dose medications, and additional treatments priced separately. While credit cards are still accepted, insurance coverage is now available for the visit and for treatments and medications.

“The main purpose of VHOC is to create access to care from the convenience of the patient’s home, workplace or hotel,” said April N. Kapu, DNP, R.N., Associate Nursing Officer for VUMC Advanced Practice and director of the Office of Advanced Practice.

“This important service benefits our employees by bringing a health care provider directly to them. This service is ideal for the consumer who doesn’t have a lot of time to wait or make an appointment.”

VHOC currently operates in Davidson County from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. As the service grows, expanded geographical coverage and hours of operation are planned.

Vanderbilt Health OnCall is for adults 18 years and older with non-emergent medical conditions, such as the flu or a minor injury.

When a request for an OnCall visit is received, an intake team member will call to confirm the information that has been provided. Then, the nurse practitioner will call to confirm the patient’s symptoms, accept the visit and let the individual requesting the service know when they will be arriving at their location.

The medical record that results from a Vanderbilt Health OnCall visit will be loaded into StarPanel, VUMC’s electronic medical record system. When this occurs, other clinical providers at Vanderbilt and within the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN), such as a patient’s general practitioner, can access the information.

Download the Vanderbilt Health OnCall app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or visit the website to request an OnCall visit. If you have questions about this service or its availability in your area, call 615-241-6000.

For an alternate Vanderbilt care option, check on the locations of Vanderbilt walk-in clinics at

Vanderbilt Health OnCall is not a replacement for emergency services, so if you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

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