Pets of VUMC

May 10, 2018

Pets of VUMC 2018 — Collection #2: Dogs and their people

Man’s best friend. Woman’s and children’s, too.

Justin Ayers, Pathology, Microbiology, & Immunology. Baby Ellis and Zoey. “We got Zoey at Love At First Sight and she has been the most loving and caring dog to our infant son.”

This is the second collection of photographs submitted by VUMC employees to the 2018 “VUMC Voice” Pet Photo Contest. The first collection, called “Duos,” was posted a few weeks ago.

Almost 600 (!) photographs were submitted for the contest. (Remember — the top prize we offer in the contest is a photo of your pet shared in “VUMC Voice.”) And while we won’t be able to use all, or even most, of the pictures we received, we hope to showcase a good sample of the best of the beasts.

If you didn’t send in an entry this year, and your pet is peeved at you about it, please reassure him or her that there will be a “VUMC Voice” Pet Photo Contest next year, but explain that the deadline for entries for this year has passed, and no more pictures will be accepted. We hope your pet understands.

And watch for the next installment of “VUMC Voice” Pets of VUMC 2018 — coming soon.

Tameka Pennington, Children’s Hospital, Doctors’ Office Tower 8th Floor. Roxy is a rescue Siberian husky. “She’s a big cuddler and so, so soft and sweet. She can be a bit bossy when my kids or other dogs at the dog park are not behaving.”
Craig Dore, Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute. “We adopted Barley from a shelter six years ago. He is always by my side when I go run or go fishing.”
Andi Honeycutt, Vanderbilt Health at Metro Nashville Public Schools. Lillybelle with Abbie and Alex Honeycutt.
Christina Grimes, Children’s Hospital Administration. “Duke is an 8-year-old great Dane. He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. He is a true gentle giant.”
Cindy Hutton, System Support Services. “This is my dog Sophie with my brother Jesse Hutton. Sophie is a Jack Russell / basset hound mix. When I saw her at Murfreesboro PAWS they told me it was her last day if she didn’t get adopted. Of course I HAD to take her home with me. Her love of life is so incredible. I think we actually saved each other.”
Sarah Carpenter, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. “Leo and I have known each other for 4 years. I saw his face online and pulled him from a high kill shelter in Tampa, Florida. That was to have been his last day of life. He was so excited to get to safety but he was very sick – 30 lbs. underweight, heartworm positive, terrible arthritis, parasites, you name it. He lived with my friend for a month in Florida before he was even well enough to come to Nashville and be with me. He is my everything. He helps me stay focused on what matters most – being present in the moments we’re given. Leo is deaf and is developing cataracts, but, boy, does he WOOF when someone walks up the road. He waits in the window for me each day and greets me at the door. He likes to pee on every tree in sight and LOVES to ride in the car and fall asleep for hours at a time. He is the best road trip dog! My partner and I recently learned he has cancer. We will make sure we stay present in each moment with him, until it’s time for his next adventure. He taught us that.”
Tiffany Johnson, Vanderbilt Medical Group. “Sophie is a 6-year-old Yorkie-poodle. She knows how to open cabinets around the house and when she goes for car rides she knows how to roll down her own window to stick her head out.”
Erica J Pruett Anderson, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. Piper helping Aseante celebrate her birthday.
Teresa Gardner, Vanderbilt Children’s Pediatric Heart Institute. “Tiny Mite (toy fox terrier), 11, loves to go for a ride with her human sister, Gigi.”
Rachel Senefeld Kromer, Nursing Education & Professional Development. “Wojo, 5 years old, loves warm hugs from Aubrey (left), 4 years old, and Janey, 2 years old.”
Felicity Haugen, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Bryndle with Amelia. “This is the day we rescued Bryndle — before she ate our furniture, shoes, pillows, etc. But, who can resist that face?”
Cheryl Kinnard, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. “Cookie Rene with Braydon, my grandson, who is her best friend. Cookie loves to sit in your lap and get under the covers with you. She never meets a stranger.”
Anne Washburn, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Rosey the 13-year-old beagle with my niece, Ava. “For Rosey’s first four years of life, she was in a puppy mill and was crated the entire time. When I adopted her 9 years ago, she was afraid of people and other animals. Over time, she began to feel safe.Today, Rosey is active, funny and full of pure love.”
Penny Sherek, Privacy Office. “Roxie is a very cuddly ‘lap’ dog even though she weighs 80 pounds.”
Kimberly Maskill, Center for Trauma/Surgery. Maize and Josh napping on a Saturday afternoon. “Maize is our 9-month-old yellow Lab. She shakes, high-fives, lays down, backs up and rolls over – especially for cheese! She also loves to shred just about anything – socks, blankets, dryer sheets, old shoes, etc.”
Angelyn Bitner, Neuro ICU. Kyber. “Kyber’s name came from the kyber crystals that are used to power light sabers in ‘Star Wars.'”
Julie Garcia, Pediatric Social Work. “Hawkeye was a stray found in East Tennessee. He’s been a part of our family for 4 years. He is my early morning running buddy and loves to hike.”
Kristy Garmon, Transplant Pharmacy. Daniel and Kristy, with Bronson (great Dane), Luna (shepherd mix), and Herschel (three-legged beagle mix).
Ryan Preston, Operations Improvement. “Shug is a 3-year-old boxer. We rescued him from a high-kill shelter when he was 6 months old.”
Courtney Smith, Quality, Safety and Risk Prevention; and Colin Dmochowski, Vanderbilt Health/Supply Chain Consulting. “Courtney with Arley, a 1-year-old English cream golden retriever named after a little lake town in Alabama. He loves exploring Nashville’s patio bars and hiking trails.”
Paige Taylor Stratton, VUMC Adult Float Pool. “Preston and Olive with me on the Harpeth River. They love anything outside and I love anything they do.”