Pets of VUMC

November 9, 2018

Pets of VUMC 2018 — Collection #8: Here’s looking at you

Ever get the feeling somebody’s watching you?

Stacey Kendrick, Strategic Marketing. Henry is a rescue that lived on the street in Dickson until we got him. We get stopped on the street every day with people asking us what kind of dog he is. we finally had him tested and he is half Weimaraner and half bloodhound.”

This is the eighth collection of photographs submitted by VUMC employees to the 2018 “VUMC Voice” Pet Photo Contest.

The first collection, called “Duos,” was published  in April. 

The second collection, called “Dogs and their people,” was published in May.

The third collection, vol. 1 of “Dogs! Cats! Beds! Sofas!” was published in  June.

The fourth collection, vol. 2 of “Dogs! Cats! Beds! Sofas!” was published in July

The fifth collection, called “What could go wrong?” was published in August.

The sixth collection, called “Pets on the move” was published in September.

The seventh collection, called “Field and stream. Also yard and tub” was published in October.

Almost 600 (!) photographs were submitted for the contest. (Remember — the top prize we offer in the contest is a photo of your pet shared in “VUMC Voice.”) And while we won’t be able to use all, or even most, of the pictures we received, we hope to showcase a good sample of the best of the beasts.

If you didn’t send in an entry this year, and your pet is peeved at you about it, please reassure him or her that there will be a “VUMC Voice” Pet Photo Contest next year, but explain that the deadline for entries for this year has passed, and no more pictures will be accepted. We hope your pet understands.

And the pets just keep on comin’. Watch for the next installment of “VUMC Voice” Pets of VUMC 2018 — coming soon.

Jessica Van Meter, LifeFlight. “Caroline was rescued in Auburn, Alabama, in 2007 after the Vanderbilt-Auburn football game.”
Tricia Bulger, Hemotology/Stem Cell Outpatient Clinic. Percy the goldendoodle.
Terrell Smith, Patient and Family Engagement. “Toulouse la Trec Smith is a 37-year-old African gray parrot. He is a great talker and a talented whistler—he whistles the ‘Andy Griffith Show’ theme song and the music that plays when you lose at Candy Crush.”


Bridget Frosina, Anesthesiology. “Ace Phillips is a pointer/Lab mix. His favorite treats are carrots, and he loves walks and hates water. His favorite words are: cookie, leash, walk, and car.”
Ashley Campbell, Operations Improvement. “Otis is a shepherd mix rescue. He is fiercely protective of his human Mama and loves his human family as much as treats.”
Holly Mercer, Neurosurgery. Ellie-Mae the Lab/blue heeler mix.
Holly Ricketts Wortman, Women’s Health. “Lillie Faith is a blue point Siamese cat. She is smart, very vocal, and the best cuddle-buddy that you could ever imagine.”
Zachary Feldman, Cardiovascular Medicine. “Watson is a 1-year-old Maltese who enjoys shredding napkins and balancing on the palm of my hand.”
Victoria Whitfield, Nephrology and Hypertension. “Duke is a spunky ‘Chiweiner’ (Chihuahua/dachshund mix) who loves to chase squirrels, play at the park, and meet new friends (furry and human).”
Terri DeMumbrum, Biomedical Informatics. Anakin Skywhiskers.
Tetyana Pedchenko, Clinical Pharmacology. “Athos is very observant and smart. This was the first snow of his life. He tried to hide under the porch but curiosity dragged him out.”
Tracy Parsons, Insurance Management. “Cooper is an American pit bull terrier. He was rescued from the Memphis animal shelter, where he had just minutes to live. We provided him with his freedom walk.”
Connie Chiodo, Transition Management Office. “Watson loves to purr and head-butt you for attention.”
Tara Kelley, Specialty Pharmacy. “Waylon is a mini Australian shepherd who does exactly what he wants at all times. He did agree to wear a tie for the photo, but refused a proper brushing.”
Susan Wallace, Children’s Hospital Administration. “Beau is is a ‘shorkie’ (a shih tzu-Yorkie mix) and is a very loving dog. His underbite makes him look like he is always smiling.”
Shana Baughman, Center for Health Information Management. “Clyde loves sleeping next to you as long as you tuck him in with the blanket.”
Shelby Kelley, Adult Float Pool. “Bailey always has a ball in her mouth.”
Danielle Schoonover, Transplant Pharmacy. “Charley loves to bark at cars from the porch as they drive by.”
Cynthia Peinado, Interpreter Services. “Pancho is a 10-year-old Chihuahua who has the energy of a puppy, and a huge personality.”
Sean Dorris, Finance. “Butkus has the personality of a Chihuahua instead of a typical lazy bulldog.”
Renee Dias, Patient Access Services. Penny.
Mary Stroud, VICTR. “My first back-yard ducklings: Gabby, Magda and Big Boy.”
Leona Beachy, Vanderbilt Health Metro Nashville Public Schools Wellness Center. “Isabella called to me from the dark winter night three years ago. She is very spunky, curious and loves to play and interact with people.”
Melanie Knapp, Pediatric GI. “Rue the rat terrier is a darling dog and a good friend to me. She loves to go for car rides, to Home Depot, and the Two Rivers Dog Park.”
Michelle Thompson, Pet Therapy Volunteer. “Swoosh and I have been a pet therapy team for more than 6 years.”
Jodi Solem, Radiology. “Toby was rescued from the Nashville Humane Association. He is sweet and cuddly and loves to be held.”
Beth Benson, Plastic Surgery. “Harper Lee is a pit bull/American bulldog mix. We adopted her from Metro Animal Control. We thought we might try teaching her a few tricks, but she already knew how to sit, shake, lie down, beg and heel. She is amazing.”