April 7, 2020

vumc2go: User guide, new features

vumc2go, the new workforce app, is being updated frequently with features to make navigating the app and Vanderbilt University Medical Center easier.

This page will be updated with guides on how to use the app’s growing list of features. Do you have ideas about features you would like to see? Email

App features, in addition to the newsfeed, include (new features are in bold):

  • Notifications about new newsfeed articles since you last visited
  • The ability to bookmark articles
  • The ability to mark a batch as unread
  • A directory so you can locate and email colleagues
  • A resource library that will expand to answer more staff questions
  • A direct link to enterprise publications and social media
  • It is downloadable on Apple iOS and Android.
  • Access to the Gratitunes playlist in Social
  • COVID-19 tip sheets that are updated in Resources
How to navigate the newsfeed


Tip Sheets and COVID-19 Guides in “Resources.”


Searching and Bookmarking Tip Sheets


Listen to Gratitunes and find your favorite VUMC publications


About vumc2go

The app’s beta release is complementary to as a channel of distilled COVID-19 resources the workforce needs. The app is updated daily alongside the continuing daily emails and web posts. Connectivity and enterprise-wide preparedness is a critical tenet of the Medical Center’s complex response.

This beta app is created with you — the employee — in mind. It is a critical component of VUMC’s evolving internal communications platform that will ensure employees, no matter where they are, get timely information.

Install directions

Install MDM to access the VUMC App Store with Hub to get vumc2go. It is not on Apple’s App Store.

The process of downloading MDM, if you do not have it, and the accompanying apps will take up to 10 minutes. These apps will install on your phone.

First download, Intelligent Hub (the Hub app) from the Apple App Store, then install MDM to get the VUMC App Store. There you will find vumc2go.