November 10, 2021

Specialty Pharmacy receives Patient Choice Award

For the third year in a row, Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy has won the Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award from Managed Markets Insight and Technology.


by Emily Stembridge

Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy (VSP) has won the Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award from Managed Markets Insight and Technology (MMIT) for the third year in a row.

Since 2019, VSP has received the highest average Net Promoter Score from the Zitter Insights specialty pharmacy patient satisfaction survey — a research method that measures overall customer contentment — resulting in three consecutive wins.

“I am extremely proud of the Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy team for receiving this special recognition,” said Jim Hayman, MS, MBA, Chief Pharmacy Officer. “The team does an outstanding job of meeting the needs of Vanderbilt patients who are receiving very complex specialty drugs. Winning this award once is a major accomplishment — winning it three years in a row is simply incredible.

“It speaks to the laser focus of the associated pharmacists, technicians and support personnel in delivering personalized pharmaceutical care,” Hayman said. “I would also like to thank VUMC leadership for investing in the specialty pharmacy program and making it possible to build a service delivery model that performs at such a high level.”

VSP manages specialty medications for patients with complex and often chronic, rare conditions that require high-touch pharmacy services. Specialty pharmacists and technicians support patient medication access by performing benefits investigations, assisting with insurance authorization requirements and helping overcome patient financial needs. The team also assists ongoing patient engagement and performs outreach to identify potential barriers to medication access and to ensure adherence and convenience for patients.

“We were so honored to be nominated for the Patient Choice Award for the third time, and we are humbled to be chosen from a field of elite health system specialty pharmacies who work tirelessly to provide outstanding patient care,” said Tara Kelley, PharmD, executive director of Specialty Pharmacy Services.

“Our focus at VSP has always been on personalizing care and optimizing the patient experience, and our team gives their all every day to ensure that each patient’s journey is tailored to their individual needs,” she said. “I also want to recognize the extraordinary providers and clinic staff we partner with daily to provide comprehensive care to our patients. We feel strongly that our integrated care model ensures continuity of care and delivers optimal patient engagement, experience and outcomes.”