May 16, 2022

Iodinated Contrast Supply Update: Order Questions Now Integrated into eStar

Though the global supply chain shortage of iodinated contrast continues, ongoing support of VUMC’s conservation efforts have put the health system in a good position to weather this extraordinary situation. Supply chain and pharmacy team members are exploring all available options to help restore stock of the agents.

To help make it easier and faster to order contrasted CT scans for patients with Tier I and Tier II clinical needs, the necessary questions are now directly integrated into the order panel within eStar (eliminating the need to complete the RedCap survey). The completed questions will still trigger a consultation by an attending Radiologist.

After a Radiologist has reviewed the order, ordering providers will receive an InBasket message with either 1) confirmation that the order has been released to be scheduled, or 2) alternative options. More information is available in this Workflow Bulletin.

Ordering providers who wish to speak immediately to an attending Radiologist or need the exam performed on the same day should page 615.831.4220 (7 am – 7 pm) or call 615.343.7185 (7pm – 7 am).

Additional Workflow Bulletin are available for: