August 24, 2022

Reminder: COVID-19 infection prevention guidelines for all VUMC workforce members

VUMC leaders continue to track key metrics such as transmission rates for COVID-19 in the community and county statistics for those who are vaccinated while keeping abreast of evolving practices for infection prevention and changing federal and state requirements for compliance with workplace safety standards.

VUMC is following CDC guidance for health care facilities, not community guidance. Below are current VUMC COVID-19 Infection Prevention Guidelines.


All employees should continue to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID. If you are feeling ill contact your supervisor before coming to work.



CLINICAL AREAS: Masks are required in all areas where patients and visitors are present.  Signage will be present to remind patients and visitors of masking requirements.
NON-CLINICAL AREAS: Masks are required in all areas regardless of vaccination status. However, masks may be removed in private offices or in other private areas and in public areas when you are alone or when eating. People who are not vaccinated should avoid eating and drinking with others.
OUTDOORS:  Masks are not required outdoors.
SHUTTLES:  Masks are required for all shuttle transportation.



Meetings and gatherings are allowed with no restriction on the number of attendees or requirements for social distancing; however, masks must be worn by all participants regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed in private and public non-clinical areas while eating and drinking. People who are not vaccinated should avoid eating and drinking with others.



Active screening of employees, patients and visitors for COVID symptoms at VUMC facility entrances for COVID is no longer required.  However, a member of VUMC’s workforce will still be located at all patient and visitor entrances for enforcement of visitation policies and to check for mask compliance.

Signage continues to be present at facility entrances advising symptomatic visitors and those with known current COVID infections to defer visiting until symptoms have resolved.


Visitation guidance will be modified as needed by leadership at each hospital in consultation with Infection Prevention. Current hospital visitation practices can be found here:



There are no restrictions on travel.  Individuals shall comply with all applicable travel rules for the US (and destination countries if traveling internationally).