September 30, 2022

Fall eStar update now scheduled for Oct. 23; Many originally planned changes removed

The eStar update originally scheduled for Sep. 11 was delayed due to significant issues on Epic’s end related to stability and performance.

Since then, teams at VUMC have been working closely with Epic to determine the changes that we could safely implement at this time. The rescheduled update will now take place on Oct. 23.

We have “backed out” numerous items that were originally planned for September, including:

  • Refresh of Professional Billing charge entry
  • Updated Sidebar checklist
  • Updated self-payment for easy distribution
  • “Extreme makeover” for bed planning
  • New look for Appointment Entry activity
  • “Spruced up” selection with MyNote
  • Modernized look for SmartLists

While several of the originally planned items have been removed from the rescheduled update, users will still see significant changes to In Baskets.

To help prepare for the rescheduled update, please review the guidance below.

Leaders/Managers: What to Do

  1. Download/View Materials

View the executive summary most relevant to your area(s) for a general overview of major changes:

    1. Clinical Changes
    2. Non-Clinical Changes
  1. Prepare Your Teams
    • Identify the Guides to the Galaxy applicable to your area (see below)
    • Designate area for staff to review changes in Playground
    • Review executive summaries or discuss talking points in staff or department meetings

 End Users: How to Prepare

  1. Review your Guide to the Galaxy and In Basket PowerPoint

Each guide contains an overview of the changes based on role. Users should review the Guide to the Galaxy most appropriate for your role and eStar 2022 Q1 Release In Basket Guide to the Galaxy (all Guides are stored in Hubbl):

 In Basket PowerPoint

·         View PowerPoint

Guide to the Galaxy Books

·         In Basket: eStar 2022 Q3 Release In Basket Guide to the Galaxy

·         Providers: eStar 2022 Q3 Release PROVIDER Guide to the Galaxy

·         Nurses and clinical support: eStar 2022 Q3 Release NURSE AND CLINICAL SUPPORT Guide to the Galaxy

·         Ancillary staff: eStar 2022 Q3 Release ANCILLARY Guide to the Galaxy

·         Pharmacy team members: eStar 2022 Q3 Release PHARMACY Guide to the Galaxy

·         Non-clinical team members: eStar 2022 Q3 Release NON-CLINICAL Guide to the Galaxy


·         Electronic booklets are divided into role-specific bundles

·         Each book begins with a chapter on general changes

·         Primary eStar applications are divided alphabetically into chapter

·         Secondary applications are at the end of the book and divided by area of focus, such as In Basket or Care Everywhere.

  1. Practice in the Playground

Spend some time in the eStar playground – review the Playground Quick Start Guide for more information.

Information is also available at