Pets of VUMC

October 30, 2023

VUMC Pets of the Day: Meowshi and Lola

Today’s Cat of the Day is Meowshi, submitted by Anwesa Chakrabarti of  the VMG Clinic Pharmacy. “Meowshi AKA Inspector Meowshi, THE MEOWSH, The Best Cat. Loud and opinionated. Acrobat. Omnivore. Seasoned bird watcher. Lover of treats. Hater of Roombas and closed doors.”

Today’s Dog of the Day is Lola, a 7 year old English bulldog, submitted by Erin M. Bergner of General Internal Medicine and Public Health.

Pets of the Day — what you need to know

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Pets of the Day are included in regular editions of the MyVUMC newsletter, which is posted twice a week by VUMC News and Communications.

The pets are selected from the hundreds of entries sent earlier this year to the VUMC Voice Pet Photo Contest.

For those who submitted a photo to that contest, watch MyVUMC for Pets of the Day, and in addition, regular collections of pet photos are posted to the VUMC Voice site. You can see them all here:

If you have a pet you would like to nominate for Pet of the Day, the next Pet Photo Contest submission period is coming up in 2024, and will be announced in MyVUMC.

Meowshi and Lola were featured in the Dec. 19, 2023 edition of MyVUMC.