November 3, 2023

Reminder: Peer-to-peer option available for flu shot

09-21-09 Ed Wisdon gets his flu shot on the plaza outside eskind library Photos by:Susan Urmy For: House Organ

Flu season is here and because it is important to get the vaccination as early as possible, Occupational Health wants to ensure it is as easy and convenient to do so. That’s why the Occupational Health Clinic designed the Peer Vaccination Program.

The Peer Vaccination Program is a convenient way for departments to increase their vaccination rates and help their team remain compliant without having to leave their work unit. Through this program, certain members of your team, such as a licensed nurse, pharmacist, or PA, can register as a Peer Vaccinator and begin vaccinating co-workers. If your department has the ability and skills to provide flu vaccines to co-workers, OHS encourages the use of this program.

Not only does the program save you and your team time, but it helps you stay healthy this flu season. To find out more about this program, department eligibility, and registration information, visit the Occupational Health’s Peer Vaccinator Program website.