April 9, 2024

Health Coaching Program accepting applications for fall cohort; online information session is May 17

The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program is accepting applications for its fall cohort. Online classes start Aug. 25.

Coaches who train in the Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program learn to combine their existing health care experience with coaching skills to help patients manage a variety of chronic medical conditions, such as: metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and chronic pain.

A Health Coach is a partner in an individual’s behavior change process. This process involves supporting the patient or client as they set goals, unearth values and strengths, and access intrinsic motivations to encourage the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Those eligible to apply are currently licensed in a health care field and/or have a college degree plus 3+ years of health care experience. Past student degrees and licenses include: MD, RN, APRN, PT, OT, PhD, and LSW.

An upcoming Q & A session about the health coaching and the Vanderbilt program will take place online on Friday, May 17 at noon CDT.

Whether you’re a professional interested in training with the program, or you just want to know more about how health coaching works, this conversation with VHCP Program Director, Ruth Wolever, PhD, NBC-HWC, will provide information and context.

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwufuyhrjsiHNRk_yLqMynaozBau3P2wPbt

More about VHCP: The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program is specifically designed for health and wellness professionals looking to effect change either in their current practice setting or in the larger health care community. Our program provides health care professionals with the evidence-based skills needed to help patients better self-manage health and optimize wellness. The training program is a modified-distance program, designed for those who work full-time