April 23, 2024

Study of girls with autism spectrum disorder seeks participants

The SENSE Lab is currently recruiting females with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and typical development to be part of a study that examines pubertal development and social interactions in child and adolescent girls. This study will take place over a four-year period with one visit annually until the completion of the study. We invite 6-12 year old girls with ASD or typical development to be part of our research.

Participation in this four year, longitudinal study includes:

Year 1:

– Eligibility Diagnostic Testing

Years 1-4:

– At-Home & In-Lab Saliva Sampling

– Parent & Self-Report Questionnaires

– Physical Examination & Blood Draw

– Brief Social Interaction Activity

– Research Electroencephalography (EEG) & Electrocardiogram (EKG) Tasks

Participants can earn up to $100 yearly compensation ($400 total after four years), and parents will be provided annual research letters with test results. Please contact one of our study team members (phone/email below) if you are interested in more information about this study.