May 7, 2024

CollabHub, a new service for working with Microsoft 365 collaboration workspaces, coming June 3

On June 3, a new service will be available for organizing and managing Microsoft 365 collaboration workspaces such as Teams, SharePoint sites, and shared mailboxes.  The new service is called CollabHub.

CollabHub provides a central location for you to request, create and manage Microsoft 365 workspaces. You will see your owned workspaces, workspaces where you are a member, and workspaces that you have the ability to join.  Additionally, there will be self-service tools that will enable you to conveniently provision, organize, and manage your collaboration workspaces more effectively.

The CollabHub enterprise launch will: 

  • Empower employees with enhanced self-service tools for requesting collaboration services such as Teams, SharePoint Sites, and shared mailboxes.
  • Improve data governance with automated reminders for owners to validate membership and lifecycle content.
  • Align workspaces to organizational standards based on content and reduce sprawl of inactive or orphaned workspaces.

What to expect: 

On June 1, look for a CollabHub icon to appear in the Microsoft Teams menu alongside other menu items such as Activity, Chat, and Calendar.

Make note that there will be a new method for requesting a Microsoft Team after the launch of CollabHub, and those instructions will be made available to you. 

Find out more here.

Once available, you’ll find several categories of tabbed features.  These tabbed features are described below.


Hubs allow you to view all of your Workspaces at a glance. The default view shows you all of the workspaces you own. You can change the view to see workspaces you own or workspaces you’re a member of.

To-Do list

The To-Do list is where you will go to Approve or Reject workspace renewals when they are triggered. If there are any other approval processes that require a workspace owner to take action on, they will be listed here. You will also receive a push notification in Microsoft Teams you can take action on.


The Workspaces tab provides an overview of all the objects you are an owner of in a single glance. If there’s an action that needs to be taken, or a workspace that has been requested and pending approval, you can review those items here.

Start a Request

The Start a Request tab is where you’ll go to Create, Modify or Update all Workspace objects within the CollabHub. There are 4 categories of requests, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Shared Mailbox and Distribution Groups.

My Tasks

The My Tasks tabs provides an overview of all actions that have been requested to you, and the actions completed. You can view the status of each and also see workflow history.


The Requests tab provides a running list of all the requests that have been submitted by you in the CollabHub. You can review the status of the request and who it may be assigned to.