May 16, 2024

VUMC parking permit renewal information is here

VUMC Parking & Transportation Services will be conducting an auto-renewal process for parking permits which expire on June 30, 2024. 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center requires all vehicles parked on VUMC and One Hundred Oaks campuses by faculty, physicians and staff of the Medical Center be registered with VUMC Parking & Transportation Services. It is your responsibility to read, review and understand the parking rules and regulations as stated on the parking web site

If you have no changes with your vehicle information and have read the parking rules and regulations as stated on the VUMC Parking & Transportation website, simply do nothing and your permit will be mailed to you in late June. Your parking permit must be affixed to your vehicle no later than July 1, 2024.  Your parking permit will be valid for 4 years, expiring on June 30, 2028.

For vehicle changes and to confirm your current vehicle is listed, go to the VUMC Parking & Transportation website at and log in to “My Account” using your VUMC ID. You will be able to add new vehicles not listed.  For new vehicles using the same license plate number as your previous vehicle, call our office to change this information.

To terminate your parking and cancel the payroll deduction so it does not continue, the parking permit must be returned to the Permit Office.

Contact the VUMC Parking Permit Office for questions at 615-936-1215.

Please note that this notification DOES NOT apply to VU faculty, staff or students.