May 23, 2024

Academy for Excellence in Education announces 2024 award winners, new members

The Academy for Excellence in Education’s mission is to enhance the educational environment at Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt’s Academy for Excellence in Education is composed of more than 100 distinguished educators. Its mission is to enhance the educational environment at Vanderbilt by advocating for the development, support and recognition of dedicated educators, by sustaining a community of educators, and by fostering educational excellence, innovation, leadership and scholarship. The following are the award winners for 2024. 

Courtney Tomblinson, MD
Courtney Tomblinson, MD

The Academy for Excellence in Education Early Impact Award was established this year to recognize an early career faculty member for positively impacting medical education and demonstrating a commitment to the field. Courtney Tomblinson, MD, is the inaugural award winner. Tomblinson is an assistant professor in the neuroradiology section of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences with a secondary appointment in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and program director of the neuroradiology fellowship. Tomblinson has demonstrated excellence in education leadership and curriculum design. She has developed RADiENT, an interdisciplinary training curriculum for radiology and otolaryngology residents that was awarded funding from the Radiological Society of North America, as well as EMPOWiR: An Executive Mentorship Program for Women in Radiology funded by the Association of University Radiologists Strategic Alignment Grant.  

Cody Chastain, MD
Cody Chastain, MD

The Geoffrey David Chazen Award for Innovation in Medical Education was established to recognize a faculty member who has distinguished themselves in innovation in education through the development and implementation of effective educational innovation with enduring impact on learners. The 2024 award winner is Cody Chastain, MD, associate professor of Infectious Diseases and assistant dean for Undergraduate Medical Education Program Evaluation and Improvement at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Chastain was awarded the Chazen Award for his leadership and innovation in founding and directing the Excellence in Teaching Pathway within the Department of Medicine. This program was established in 2019 to develop skills and experiences in medical education for internal medicine and medicine-pediatrics residents and internal medicine subspecialty fellows.

Neil Osheroff, PhD

The Lillian B. Nanney Award for Outstanding Service to the VUSM/VUMC Community of Educators is a lifetime achievement award established to recognize an Academy for Excellence in Education faculty member who has demonstrated sustained outstanding service to the Vanderbilt community of educators. This year’s winner is Neil Osheroff, PhD, John G. Coniglio Professor of Biochemistry and professor of Medicine. Elected as a founding member in 2006 and appointed as the academy’s second director in 2016, Osheroff made essential changes to ensure the sustainability of the academy, including changing the name to the Academy for Excellence in Education. Additionally, he established the academy board as well as revitalized the Health Science Educator Grand Round Series and the academy’s slate of awards. Osheroff continues to contribute to the academy by serving on the steering committee of the Fleming Society and as a Fleming Society facilitator. In addition to his innumerable contributions at Vanderbilt, Osheroff is a nationally and internationally recognized educator, having given more than 400 invited educational and scientific presentations in 42 different countries.  

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The Academy for Excellence in Education has also elected the following new members for 2024

Erin Cooke, MD, associate professor, Clinical Radiology & Radiological Sciences, director of Arts, Department of Radiology, program director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency 

Yasmin Khan, MD, assistant professor of Pediatrics and of Allergy, Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine 

Shilpa Reddy, MD, associate professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology, medical director, Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Section head, Pediatric Epilepsy 

Jordan Rupp, MD, associate professor, Emergency Medicine, program director, Ultrasound Fellowship 

Andrew Spieker, PhD, assistant professor of Biostatistics 

Courtney Tomblinson, MD, assistant professor, Radiology and Radiological Sciences, assistant professor, Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery, program director, Neuroradiology Fellowship, director, Women in Radiology 

Ryan Walsh, MD, associate professor, Emergency Medicine, director of Procedural Education and Training 

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