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Author: Jill Clendening

Study links small pancreas size to faster progression to stage 3 Type 1 diabetes

Feb. 2, 2024—A multicenter, longitudinal study, co-led by investigators at the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center, has discovered that a small pancreas size predicts a faster progression to stage 3 Type 1 diabetes (T1D), the point at which clinical diagnosis occurs.

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New SMART rotation of military personnel begins in February

Jan. 25, 2024—The next Strategic Medical Asset Readiness Training (SMART) rotation of members ofthe United States military, is coming to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to work in clinical areas of the adult hospital Feb. 6-20.

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VUMC establishes Realizing Accelerated Progress, Investigation, Implementation, and Dissemination in Learning Health Systems (RAPID-LHS) Center

Jan. 23, 2024—Vanderbilt University Medical Center has been awarded a $5 million grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to establish a multidisciplinary center focused on training scientists and supporting research to minimize gaps between the generation of clinical evidence, implementation of proven interventions and development of informed public health policy.

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Suicide ideation response plan implemented to assist at-risk adults

Dec. 8, 2023—Vanderbilt Health’s Adult Ambulatory clinics have a new Suicide Ideation Response Plan that will provide clinicians and staff with additional resources to provide appropriate care for patients who are identified as thinking about or planning suicide.

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Keith Obstein receives inaugural Brock Family Center Innovator of the Year Award

Nov. 17, 2023—Keith Obstein, MD, MPH, has received the inaugural Innovator of the Year Award from the Brock Family Center for Applied Innovation in recognition of his achievements in developing and commercializing a magnetic, flexible colonoscopy system with the potential to provide a safer alternative to standard colonoscopy.

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Powers receives prestigious Veterans Affairs Middleton Award

Nov. 6, 2023—Alvin C. Powers, MD, Joe C. Davis Professor of Biologic Science and professor of Medicine, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, has received the 2023 William S. Middleton Award, the highest honor awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development Service.

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Medical Center’s creative problem-solvers inspire others during Strategy Share 2023

Oct. 31, 2023—The ingenuity and enterprising spirit on display at Vanderbilt University Medical Center took center stage last week at Strategy Share 2023, as more than 30  employees presented their problem-solving and innovative solutions.

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Powers announces plan to step down from key diabetes leadership roles

Oct. 17, 2023—Alvin C. Powers, MD, has announced plans to step down effective July 1, 2024, as director of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center, director of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center, and chief of the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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VISE-affiliated researchers conduct phase 1 trial of novel magnetic endoscope for colonoscopies

Oct. 17, 2023—A Vanderbilt research team is conducting the first phase 1 clinical trial of a magnetic, flexible endoscope that has the potential to provide a safer alternative to standard colonoscopy, particularly for individuals with inflammatory bowel disease.

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Tirzepatide trial shows additional 21.1% weight loss following intensive lifestyle intervention

Oct. 17, 2023—A Vanderbilt clinical trial evaluating the injectable prescription medication tirzepatide, showed an additional 21.1% weight loss after intensive lifestyle intervention in adults with obesity or who were overweight with weight-related comorbidities, excluding Type 2 diabetes.

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Stevenson named chair of Department of Health Policy

Oct. 12, 2023—David Stevenson has been named chair of the Department of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Drug trial shows reduced abnormal bone formation in those with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

Sep. 28, 2023—A Vanderbilt clinical trial evaluating the investigational drug garetosmab has shown that it reduced soft-tissue flare-ups significantly and prevented new areas of abnormal bone formation in patients with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

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