Aliquots - Research Briefs

AI could help patients ask better questions of their care teams 

AI has proven better than doctors at drafting responses to written questions from patients. A new study suggests even greater advantages in using AI to help patients write more effective messages to their care teams.

Automated algorithm predicts risk of blood clots in hospitalized patients

This new entry to the field works in the background to provide real-time risk assessments, with no manual inputs from health care providers required.

Study tallies reports of unprofessional behavior among physicians

Reports from 193 hospitals were analyzed. It turns out that surgeons draw the most complaints.

Scientists find antibodies that block parainfluenza virus infection

The antibodies may have clinical benefit as antiviral drugs to treat potentially life-threatening infections in elderly and immunosuppressed patients.

A novel astrocyte cell in the retina: study

A full understanding of retinal cell types and their functions could point to novel therapeutic targets for diseases that affect the visual system, such as glaucoma — a leading cause of blindness for people over age 60.

The big sort 

A new interactive tool presents information on noncoding RNA in extracellular vesicles — agents of cell-cell communication that may have a future in medical diagnosis and therapeutics.

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