chronic inflammation

Personalizing treatment for sinus syndrome

Understanding the inflammatory characteristics of subtypes of chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps should assist with selection of effective therapies, Vanderbilt researchers report.

C. Henrique Serezani, PhD, right, and colleagues, from left, Amondrea Blackman, Nathan Klopfenstein and Júlia Miranda Ribeiro Bazzano are studying the early events of the inflammatory response to infection.

Study details early events of inflammatory response

Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators have identified a key molecular player in the early events of the inflammatory response to infection. The findings suggest new therapeutic possibilities for enhancing the inflammatory response to protect against pathogens and for blocking inflammation gone awry in diseases like arthritis and atherosclerosis.

Risk marker for repeat sinus surgery

An inflammatory factor in mucus could be a biomarker of treatment-resistant chronic sinusitis used to determine which patients are at risk for repeat sinus surgery.

New treatment for Crohn’s disease

A new biological therapy, ustekinumab, improves markers of disease activity in patients with severe Crohn’s disease.

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Lymphocyte study reveals obesity clues

Vanderbilt University researchers are closer to understanding the link between obesity, chronic inflammation and type 2 diabetes.