Online CPR, AED training course focuses on high school athletics programs

Vanderbilt recently collaborated with the National Federation of State High School Associations to offer an online CPR and AED training course to help schools be more prepared for emergencies that arise.

Donna Atherton and Karen Pinkard are nurses who have worked together for years. The day Karen’s heart stopped at work, Donna was there to save her life.

A lot of people worked to save her life and help her recover. Thanks to them, Karen Pinkard is back at work.

The little boy was in the swimming pool, not breathing. Thanks to CPR, first responders and LifeFlight, he is fine.

It should have been a joyous day. It almost turned tragic.

Midwives saving lives

The mother of the groom was choking at a wedding reception. A person needed CPR on a plane. Two Vanderbilt midwives stepped up.

A story of Christmas past: Carols being sung by a choir, an elderly woman stricken in church, and a Vanderbilt nurse saving a life

The Sunday before Christmas, Patricia Wright was in church to hear her mother sing in the choir. Then she heard a call for help.

The young woman was on the parking lot pavement without a pulse. A Vanderbilt nurse saved her life.

Keith Caldwell, a nurse at the Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens, called on years of experience to perform CPR until an ambulance arrived