Gift card spoofing continues to be a problem; what you need to know

A popular internet scam involves email or text requests for gift card purchases. Scammers rely on impersonation and social engineering tactics to ask victims to purchase gift cards or approve invoices for them.

Hacker typing on a laptop

VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity warns of increased threat of cyberattacks

VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity (VEC) has received credible intelligence regarding the potential for an increased threat of cyberattacks in the coming days that are specifically directed toward the U.S. health
care sector.

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Medical Center target of gift card fraud emails

You may have recently received, or may soon receive, a phishing email claiming to be from a Vanderbilt University Medical Center colleague or leader asking you to purchase gift cards (iTunes, prepaid credit cards, Amazon, etc).

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Warning about email spoofing and phishing attacks

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Unit is issuing a new warning about email spoofing and phishing attacks.

Protect against ransomware

Cybersecurity Alert-Ransomware Attack

Protect against ransomware

Steps to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) campus has a secured vuNet Wi-Fi connection that requires a valid VuNetID and an ePassword to access. In addition to authentication, all traffic on the vuNet Wi-Fi network is encrypted. The Medical Center Wi-Fi network is very secure, but that is not the case for many public Wi-Fi access points.