Fireworks and sparklers are lots of fun, but they can cause terrible injuries; how to celebrate safely

Protect the eye on the 4th of July

After an explosion almost cost her son his hand, one mother has a warning about the danger of fireworks: “They are explosives. They are dangerous.”

“No one ever expects something to happen to your own child.”


Stay focused on safety this 4th of July

Fireworks can cause serious damage to hands and eyes. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself, and your children, safe.

Fourth of July during the COVID-19 pandemic: Vanderbilt University Medical Center doctors urge safe celebrations

Oh, beautiful for spacious distancing, with ample space between

Keon Johnson is one of the top basketball prospects in the country. Four years ago he almost lost a hand in a fireworks accident.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center doctors — and Keon’s mother — urge caution this July 4th

Vanderbilt doctors urge caution with Fourth of July fireworks

“The burns and injuries that result from improper use of fireworks are often devastating and life-altering.”